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Answers to some common cat questions:

How can I prevent problems, and possible subsequent costly treatments later on?

Bring your cat to our Virginia Beach Animal Hospital every six months for a comprehensive examination.  As everyone knows, pets age faster than humans.  An examination every six months is the equivalent of a human going to the doctor every 3-4 years.  As you can imagine, there are a great deal of changes that can occur during this time.  Prevention and early detection are imperative for your cat's well-being.

What is being examined at these office visits?

Every six months a comprehensive examination by our veterinarian of your cat evaluates the coat and skin, eyes, ears, nose and throat, mouth, teeth and gums, legs and paws, heart, abdomen, lungs, gastrointestinal system, urogenital system, and  neuro-muscular system.  Parasite prevention is discussed, both external parasites such as fleas and ticks and internal parasites such as worms and Giardia, and recommendations are made for treatment and control of these parasites.  Of course, vaccinations are administered at our animal hospital in keeping with the American Veterinary Association recommendations, based on your cat's individual lifestyle and in keeping with all local government requirements.

What can I do at home to keep my cat healthy?

*Provide a high-quality diet appropriate for your cat's age, weight, lifestyle and medical conditions.  Your veterinarian is the source for these food recommendations.  Birdneck Animal Hospital carries only the highest quality foods and is happy to keep available in stock the recommended food for your cat upon request.

*Also, keep your cat's litter box clean.  Have one more litter box than the number of cat's in the house. 

*Provide environmental stimulation with toys and climbing areas.

*Apply the recommended monthly flea, heartworm, and intestinal parasite control medication.

*Monitor changes in behavior, eating and drinking activity.  (see "sign of illness in cats")

Can I trim my cat's nails at home?

Yes, you can!  It takes a little practice, but with the proper tools and instruction it can be done at home.  Below is a short video on the proper procedure for trimming your cat's nails at home.  Of course, Birdneck Animal Hospital is always happy to do the nail trim for you.  Just call us and set up an appointment for the veterinary assistant to trim your cat's nails.


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