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Feline Philosophy:

Dr. Johnson, your Virginia Beach veterinarian at Birdneck Animal Hospital, wants to be your cat veterinarian and has created a cat-friendly facility.  The staff at our Virginia Beach animal hospital have received special training in the care and handling of both the friendly, and the feisty felines. Additionally, we have an examination room used exclusively for cats.   This room is kept free of dog scent and is equipped with a feline pheromone dispenser that helps keep our feline friends at ease during visits.

Here at Birdneck Animal Hospital we understand that visits to our Virginia Beach veterinarian are difficult and sometimes traumatic for cats, and, therefore, stressful for their owners as well.  This can, unfortunately, lead to cat owners neglecting to bring their pets in for routine wellness visits.  This is counter-productive, however, because cats are extremely good at hiding illness.  They don't always show outward signs even when something is wrong.  Any change in a cat's activity or habits warrants attention.

Providing good pet health care, especially preventative health care, can allow your cats to have longer and more comfortable lives.  Additionally, in today's economic climate, keeping a cat healthy is more cost effective than treating a problem once it is under way.  However, discovering hidden illnesses can't happen unless they see their veterinarian for the needed care.

Many cats do dislike going to the veterinarian, and that starts with the difficulty of getting them into the carrier.  We have provided the following 2 step videos for you, that teaches you how to get your cat accustomed to hopping in the carrier.


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