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Do I Need Pet Insurance?


Your pet needs preventative and routine treatments and procedures throughout his life to maintain good health.  Every stage of your pet’s life presents different health challenges and concerns. 

Some of these challenges may include accidents and illnesses. These happen to pets just as readily as they do in children.  And though advances in veterinary medicine help to treat and cure many of these conditions, they do come with a necessary cost associated with the care.

If you are faced with unexpected accident or illness with your pet, we don’t want you to have to make a hard choice between doing what is best for your pet and struggling with your families financial needs.

Your pet deserves the best veterinary care available, and our animal hospital can provide that care for you.  Pet insurance may help you to meet the financial obligations associated with the care that you want to provide for your pet.

Birdneck Animal Hospital has NO affiliation with any of the pet insurance companies.  Our veterinarian does not endorse any one carrier over another. We simply urge you to investigate some of the reputable companies to see if any of the plans they offer may benefit your needs. 

Pet Insurance Carriers (partial list):

• VPI Pet Insurance
• Trupanion                
• Pets Health CarePlan          
• Pet Plan Insurance                               
• Healthy Paws Insurance         

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