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Why Should I Spay or Neuter my Pet?

Virginia Beach Animal HospitalWhen we first get a puppy or kitten, we often are so amazed at how wonderful and beautiful they are that we wonder if we would want to breed them. There are some things to consider in making this decision. The first is population control. Do you want to be adding to the number of cats and dogs when so many are euthanized each day for lack of a home? Next, consider the amount of work and expense in properly raising multiple puppies or kittens. Even if you find homes for all of them, you will want to have them all examined by a veterinarian and have their first vaccines and deworming treatments done. There is also the possibility of a very large bill, should there be any complications with the pregnancy that may warrant a caesarean section.

Health Reasons for Spaying or Neutering

The health reasons for spaying or neutering your pet are just as important. Having your female pet spayed before her first heat almost eliminates her likelihood of developing mammary cancer when she is older. It also removes the possibility of her developing an infected uterus. This condition is called pyometra. It is a life-threatening condition that occurs in many older unspayed pets. Neutering male dogs removes the possibility of testicular tumors and helps reduce the likelihood of tumors around the anus and prostate enlargement. A prostate enlargement in dogs can lead to straining to defecate and thereby lead to hernias that make it even more difficult to defecate. Unneutered male cats have very potent foul smelling urine.

Behavior Problems

Behavior problems are the final reason for spaying and neutering. Males and even some females that have not been neutered have a higher incidence of aggressive behavior, mating behavior and marking territory. They are all more likely to run out the door in search of a mate, and when female cats are in heat they scream and roll around as if in pain. Neutering your pet increases the likelihood of a long, healthy life as a loving member of the family.

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