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Veterinarian and Animal Hospital

Here at Birdneck Animal Hospital, your Virginia Beach veterinarian Dr. Wayne M. Johnson and our staff strive to provide pets with the highest quality care. We believe that each and every pet is unique and should be given unique treatment as well. Why do we feel we are the best veterinarian in Virginia Beach? We offer comprehensive examinations of each pet before making assessments and prescribing customized treatments. Although each pet is unique, our expansive experience has also taught us how to recognize and treat certain general problems when we see them. The expertise of Dr. Johnson and staff ensures a quick and easy process for both owners and pets.

We offer several procedures at our Virginia Beach animal hospital that can cover all of a pet's needs without having to visit different veterinarians. Our Virginia Beach animal clinic offers anything from basic vaccination services to emergency veterinary services to dental health treatments. At Birdneck Animal Hospital, we believe pets should have good health all around so we offer complete vaccinations. Worms are a common problem among pets which we can readily treat at our Virginia Beach veterinary hospital. Our animal clinic offers innovative and painless deworming services and medications for pets to free them from all invasive and uncomfortable parasites. Our services and vaccinations ensure not only the treatment of worms, but can help to prevent further issues as well.

Our Virginia Beach Veterinarian

Keeps Pets Healthy and Happy

Our Virginia Beach veterinarian provides major veterinary treatments, including laser surgery. Laser surgery provides accuracy and precision without disturbing the healthy skin tissue. With laser surgery, pain is reduced, surgical procedure time is shortened, there is little to no swelling afterward and little to no bleeding as well. This procedure is commonly applied to cases such as spaying or neutering, declawing, ear and eye surgeries, oral procedures and lump or tumor removal. Our veterinary hospital also offers several basic health services including medical and behavioral diagnoses and treatments, dietary recommendations to improve the overall health of your pet, dental polishing and oral surgery to keep a pet's teeth healthier and cleaner to avoid future problems.

Our Virginia Beach animal hospital also offers specialized heartworm, flea and tick cures and preventions that are quick, easy and long-lasting. At our animal hospital, we understand what a nuisance it can be to pets to constantly receive treatment for flea and tick problems. That is why we strive to offer a cure as well as a prevention to keep pets happier and healthier for longer. Our trained and professional veterinarian and staff at Birdneck animal clinic truly care about pets and make it our goal to offer the best veterinary services in Virginia Beach. Please look around on our website to find out more about us and read testimonials from our satisfied customers. Contact us by phone or email with any questions or to schedule an appointment.


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