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Cystotomy for Pets

dog_in_surgery_gownOne of the most rewarding surgeries performed at our animal hospital is a cystotomy.  A cystotomy in dogs and a cystotomy in cats is a surgery of the urinary bladder.  It is usually performed to remove painful bladder stones.  Stones can form in the bladder when there is an excessive production of certain minerals in the urine.  The patient often presents with excessive urination and blood in the urine.  At times though, the patient is completely asymptomatic, and the stones are discovered during a routine urinalysis check. 

Our veterinarian uses our ultrasound to visualize the bladder when obtaining a urine sample.  At times, we find stones and can help the patient before she even starts to show symptoms.  This is one of the several reasons why routine blood and urine checks are so important.  Sometimes the stones can be dissolved with a special diet, often, however, a surgery is necessary to remove the stones.

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