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Ultrasound For Pets at Our Virginia Beach Animal Hospital

wayne_u_s.jpgUltrasound machines use harmless sound waves to create pictures of the insides of organs.  These sound waves can not be heard by people or our pets.  As they travel through the body, they are bounced back to the ultrasound probe.  The different densities of the organs bounce the waves back differently.  These differences are noted by the computer in the ultrasound machine and shown as a picture on the screen.  Abdominal ultrasounds can uncover for us numerous conditions that often require more invasive testing to discover.  Some of the many things ultrasounds can show us include bladder and kidney stones, kidney disease, liver disease, pancreatitis, tumors, enlarged adrenal glands, enlarged lymph nodes, and fluid in abnormal places.

Most often the images we collect on the ultrasound are then sent via the internet to radiology specialists.  Their expert opinion adds additional value to this already valuable diagnostic tool.  Our veterinarian, Dr. Johnson, owner of Birdneck Animal Hospital in Virginia Beach, has attended several multiple day-long seminars on the techniques of abdominal and cardiac ultrasounds.  He keeps up with new information and techniques by sitting in on lectures about ultrasound during the annual continuing education conferences he attends.

Using ultrasound for pets is a wonderful tool to help make diagnoses to benefit our animal companions.  Ultrasound is another example of how our animal hospital continues to provide exceptional veterinary medicine for our patients and outstanding customer service for our clients.


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