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Virginia Beach Pet Vaccination and Immunization Services

Just like humans, animals need immunization shots to prevent infections from harmful and often fatal diseases. For your pet's Virginia Beach Pet Vaccinations and immunizations, look no further than Birdneck Animal Hospital in Virginia Beach, our goal is to help protect pets from these diseases by providing vaccinations. Immunization shots are used to prevent harmful and deadly diseases such as rabies, canine parvovirus, canine distemper, canine bordetella, feline leukemia and feline panleukopenia. The type and frequency of immunizations needed depends on a pet's age and current medical condition, which our Virginia Beach veterinarian will consider when creating a shot schedule. To avoid the stress of surgery and illness in a pet, it is an owner's responsibility to have them properly vaccinated. These preventative shots are responsible for saving the lives of several hundred animals every year.

Our veterinary clinic offers a variety of immunizations for all different types of pets. We strive to give your pet gentle and loving care, so they never feel uncomfortable during the procedure. Even if a disease has become obsolete, pets should always receive regular immunizations as a preventative measure. Getting a vaccination for a pet at our animal hospital can prevent the disease not only for the treated pet, but pets everywhere.

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Prevention to Keep Pets Healthy and Happy

Virginia Beach Vet Offers VaccinationsThe vaccinations our veterinary hospital offers are very effective methods of preventing disease. Although some types of vaccines require regular upkeep and future injections, they have been found to greatly reduce and prevent diseases in most pets. The occasional pet can still become affected by a disease, but more often than not, the vaccines at our veterinary clinic are effective methods of keeping pets safe from diseases.

Most pets respond well to vaccines, however, a few pets can experience minor side effects such as dizziness and loss of appetite. If any side effects occur, it is important to contact our veterinary hospital right away to ensure that the pet receives proper and prompt treatment to avoid further discomfort. Pet owners should not be alarmed by these rare cases because our trained and experienced veterinarian works with the utmost precision and care to avoid these cases and provide pets with the most effective immunizations possible.

Dr. Wayne Johnson is an experienced veterinarian who oversees the immunization services provided in our animal clinic. Because of his extensive experience in veterinary hospitals and knowledge about veterinary services involving vaccines, pet owners can feel safe and secure that their pet is in good hands. Since shots are preventative procedures, it is important that they are scheduled as soon as possible. Young pets are more susceptible to disease than older pets because of their weaker immune systems. Be sure to talk to our veterinarian about when to start scheduling immunization shots.  Our Virginia Beach animal hospital has improved the lives and immune systems of many pets since we first went into business. We encourage concerned pet owners to contact us with any questions.


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