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What do our clients have to say about Birdneck Animal Hospital, Dr. Johnson, and his staff?  Here are a few words from some of our clients who have taken the time to put pen in hand to express their gratitude to us:

"Words can not begin to express our gratitude for the care you had given Hunter over the years.  When his time came, he watched for you to come through the door and his tail showed his affection towards you.  That was most comforting having you there.  Thank you."     ~R.H

"Thank you so much for taking care of Maggie over the years.  Y'all are the best and Dr. Johnson, you are the best vet in the world!  God bless you all."     ~ J.D.

"Your care for my beloved Mattie these last 10n years made her life, and mine much better….God bless each of you for all you did for us and I'm sure for all your other two and four legged patients."     ~E.D

"Thank you for saving my life."     ~T.C.

I can not express how grateful I am for you and your staff…  I appreciate everything you did in Beckham's treatment.  He was so lucky to have such a wonderful  doctor on his side.  Thank you for all you do for the benefit  of all our beloved pets."     ~L.B.

"Dr. Johnson - There are no words that can truly capture your kindness."     ~G.B.

"Thank you for the great care you took of Taco and the rest of our family.  He is doing great now!  He is enjoying running and playing with all four legs again."     ~W.C

"People who avail themselves of your services at the clinic certainly are blessed to have such a caring staff....bless you and your devoted staff."     ~E.D.

"A sincere thank you for taking such good care of Dulce.  We are so thrilled that she is back to her normal self.  You gave her the support and care she needed in her darkest hours and kept us confident in her recovery."   

"Just to say how much we appreciate all of you.  You all are wonderful people.  We feel blessed to have our beloved furry children in your care when they need it.  Your professional knowledge and your acts of kindness have a beautiful act all it's own.  You are a great vet, compassionate and everything good all in one.  You are in our daily prayers."     ~T.F.

"Thank you and all of your staff for the excellent care you gave to my wonderful Abbey, who was so much a part of the family.  Thank you for all the advice and support you gave to me these last few months.  I don't know how I would have gotten through this without your constant support.  I will, and I have highly recommended you to family and friends, as I feel you are the best!"     ~P.B.

"Thank you for taking care of my kitty, Slingshot.  He is feeling better and better.  My Paw-Paw said that you took extra special care of him and I really appreciate it.  So, thank you again for taking care of my cat."     ~T.B. (age 6)

"Dr. Johnson, I don't know why you decided to move here from your home in New Jersey, but I absolutely believe it was so you could help me and Mickey.  I know coming to someone's home is not what a typical veterinarian would do, but you are obviously an extraordinary man in a world filled with ordinary men….On top of that, your sensitive and wonderful handwritten note arrived and touched my heart…You are one of those quiet, unheralded champions who make life easier for everyone you touch."     ~C.W.

"Thank you so much for taking care of Lola when she had her reaction, and your office was already closed.  I know you took time away from yourself and your family and I really appreciate it."     ~R.M.

"Thank you for giving me more time with my best friend.  We are all so grateful."     ~A.M.

"Thank you for all of your support for Maxine during her illness.  All was very much appreciated and will always be remembered.  I have related to all my friends of what a great doctor and staff at Birdneck Animal Hospital."     ~O.B.

"Thank you for taking such good care of me over the last 4 years. I am doing well and both legs and feet feel great.  You sis an awesome job on me Dr. Johnson, and I'm gonna have a great year this year and I hope to see you only for my check up.  You guys are the best!"     ~Budkus  

We can't thank you enough for the wonderful and loving care you gave to"Budkus" while he was in your care.  He was so little and so sick and we were so scared for him.  Each and every one of the staff members made us feel like we had the only dog in the world.  Like nothing else mattered except getting  "Budkus" well again.  Our deepest gratitude to all of you for the excellent care and attention we received, for your encouragement, comfort, and understanding, and most importantly for saving his life! Thank you so much.     ~ J.,B.,C.


Our sincerest thanks to Dr. J. and his caring staff at Birdneck Animal Hospital for giving us an extra full year with our precious Brittany Spaniel, Mickey Mantle Wilson. At the age of 13. Mickey was suffering from painful arthritis and an on-going skin condition that was making his life miserable. Dr. Johnson helped us manage Mickey's pain and got the skin infections under control and  gave Mick a lease on life beyond our expectations. Mick had always feared vet visits and it was no different at Birdneck Animal Hospital, but the staff there made his visits as tolerable as possible, always going the extra mile to comfort and calm him.


When Mickey turned 14 in May we celebrated with a trip home to Maine and he handled the rockbound coastline like a youngster (see photo). But in August, we realized something was drastically wrong with our pup and the diagnosis was devastating: cancer.  Dr. J. helped us care for him as long as he had quality of life. When it came time for us to help our fuzzy-faced buddy move on to doggie heaven, Dr. J. even agreed to come to our home to assist Mickey's journey knowing how stressful it was for him at the vet's office. It would have haunted me forever if Mickey's last moments had been filled with fear. Instead, it was a peaceful, gentle farewell right in Mickey's home, in his favorite sleeping spot. You have no idea how this helped our healing process.

We will be forever grateful for the compassion shown to us by Dr. Johnson and his staff, and you can be sure when our hearts are ready for another dog, we will look to Birdneck Animal Hospital to keep him happy, healthy and strong.  In heartfelt gratitude,     ~C.,N.W.

Finding out that the vet you have been going to for years had sold his business is scary for someone who regards their pets as their children! I was more nervous for the first vet appointment with the new doctor than my pet was! The nerves were quickly calmed, at least for me, when we settled into the exam room.     

Dr. Johnson was more thorough than any vet I had experienced. He gave me a "report card" that addressed, and provided a written response on, every aspect of my pet's health. Dr. Johnson was very calm and caring with my "baby" and I knew we were in good hands. I quickly came up with a reason to have all of my four pets seen so they could all receive the same attention. He was able to diagnose two health issues, cat scratch disease and giardia, that my cat, Harley, had had since I adopted him as a rescued, stray kitten.

Birdneck Animal Hospital is a place I have always felt comfortable calling for even the most ridiculous questions since 1999. I always know everyone that works there and am confident that they care about my pets. Providing the best care for my cats and dogs means the world to me and I know that I am doing just that.     ~A.P